There is lots of confusion about trackbacks and linkbacks so let me see if this old guy can clear things up.

Trackbacks according to Wikipedia

A trackback is one of three types of linkbacks, methods for Web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents. This enables authors to keep track of who is linking, and so referring, to their articles. Some weblog software programs, such as Serendipity, WordPress, CuteNewsRU, Movable Type, Typo, Telligent Community, Kentico CMS and Drupal (via contrib modules), support automatic pingbacks where all the links in a published article can be pinged when the article is published. The term is used colloquially for any kind of linkback.

With current WordPress blogs and if you are linking to another current WordPress blog a trackback is not needed as long as you have the link in your content even as a hyperlink. Current WordPress platform will ping and create a pingback to that blog automatically. Pingback or linkback would be virtually synonymous on current WordPress blogs.

On some other platforms the linkback will not automatically notify the other blog by pinging. On those you will need to add a trackback.

If you are linking to some of the older legacy platforms you will need to create a trackback. Unfortunately I am not sure which platforms need this so if it is a different platform you may consider adding a trackback just to be sure that the other blog is notified.

Trackbacks will automatically ping when you post your entry. First you will need to get the trackback url which will be different than the regular url in most cases. Just click where you see the hyperlink for the trackback url.


Once you have the appropriate url you can add it to your post information by copying and pasting it into the trackback area when writing your post. (If you are adding more than one make sure there is a space between them.)


Hopefully this will help you understand the difference between trackback, linkback and pingback.

As always your questions and comments are welcomed.

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