Yesterdays post brought up some questions so lets address them today. We will be discussing the various levels of registered users and setting them up properly. Each succeeding level has the rights of the one before it plus whatever is added.

Subscriber – This is needed if you require subscribers to comment. For any of these a person must register and actually get their password to be able to comment. I don’t recommend requiring people to register to comment as it will greatly reduce the amount of interaction on your blog. The only thing that a subscriber can access inside the blog is their profile.

Contributor – This level can add a post to the blog in draft format only. It can only be published by someone else. This is a good way to have people add content that you need to approve to post.

Author – This level allows the person to upload media files and be able to edit anything they add to the blog. Here you can’t control ahead of time what is posted or edited.

Editor – Now the person can edit anything content wise including links, pages, posts and approve or edit comments. Can not change anything within the structure like the theme or plugins.

Administrator – Can do it all. Upload plugins, do upgrades, change settings this is the top level access.

Hope this clears up some of the questions from yesterdays post.

As always your questions and comments are welcomed.

Mike Paetzold

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