This has been a fun week because the topics I have been covering do not have a single perfect answer. You can not answer any of these questions and say this is it…

  • How long should your blog post be?
  • How long should your blog post title be?
  • How often should you post to your blog?

The last question is the one we will address today but like the others there is no perfect right answer for everyone.

A lot of it goes back to your initial keyword research. You should have an idea of how competitive the keyword phrases are that you are trying to rank for. The more competitive usually the more often you should be posting to build your keyword tree and create good site structure.

The big thing with posting is that as a general rule the more often you post the more traffic you generate. A lot of really high traffic blogs post more than once a day some 7 -10 times a day.

Others post just once a week but they do it every week. Consistency helps because people get in the habit of coming back in that time frame.

If you are starting a new blog posting at the minimum every day, preferably a couple of times a day is a good idea to get some traction going. Once you do then posting 3 – 5 times a week would be a good schedule.

You really need to find out what you can comfortably do and quality content is always the key. Posting once a week with a quality post will help you much more than trying to post schlock (technical term ;) ) 5 times a week.

Post consistently at the pace that works for you to generate quality content and don’t worry about how often that is just that you supply quality information.

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