Welcome to a new decade. I will be going through the questions that were asked in my pre-Christmas post and answering them here. You can add your question to any of these posts by leaving a comment.

Here is today’s question

My question is how do do get your disclaimer to locate to the end of your post? Is there a plug-in? I tried to add to my posts individually, but they will not go where I want them. I know I’m out of date but I’ve been busy with college. But I still need to be legal.

I have not seen a plugin specifically for this yet but there may be one or it is a perfect idea for a coder to create. I prefer to add it directly into the theme code. If you are not comfortable editing the theme you could add it as part of your post using the FT Signature plugin.

Now to edit your theme is not hard but it may take you a try or two to find exactly where to add your HTML.

First make sure that you have a backup of your theme before you start. This way if you screw something up you can put back the original theme and no damage is done.

You should also have your theme files permissions (chmod) set to 666. This way you can do your edits from the dashboard.

The reason I can’t give you a specific way to do this is that each theme is set up differently and you will have to look for the place to add your disclaimer to get it to show the way you want it.

The main page you will need to edit will usually be single.php on most themes. This is the page that shows your single post. I do not think I have ever seen a theme that did not use this but you will have to check your theme files to be sure.

So log in to your dashboard – select appearance – editor to get to the files to edit. Then select single.php

On most of the themes I have tried it seems to work best when added right before the call to pull comments.

comment call

Add your disclaimer above that and save the change. Look at your blog on a specific post and see if it is showing where you want it to be. If it is your are good if not see where it is and adapt accordingly. Worst case add back your original file.

Now if you only want this to show on single page posts you are done but if you show the full post on your index page you will also need to edit that page also. That is always index.php in your theme files.

Finally if you are promoting items on your pages in addition to your posts you may need to edit the page template also which is normally page.php.

So depending on exactly how your blog is set up and how you use it you may have 1, 2 or 3 edits to make. Once you have it completed and working make sure to back up your new edited pages so that you have them if you ever need to replace the blog.

For video walk through of how to edit your theme and other items to tweak your WordPress blog check out Advanced WordPress Videos.

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