Strange title maybe but this is the first item that I have found to be a problem with the new 3.0. Whenever you upgrade something and it fails your blog gets stuck in maintenance mode.

Now I like that the message shows while you are upgrading but if it is not successful you have a bit of a problem.

To fix this you will have to access your server and remove a small file called .maintenance that has frozen you out.

You may or not be able to see the dot files with your ftp depending on whether you use secure access or not so for most it is best to go into your cpanel. Go to file manager and locate the .maintenance file in the folder your blog resides in.


Delete that file and you are up and running.

You will only get this problem when an update is not successful. Hopefully this will save you aggravation and I used what the screen says as a title to make this post easy to find for those that get stuck.


So now if you see the message above just follow the steps and get back to normal.

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